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There seem to be an endless number of web host companies these days. The chances are if you have your own website you will have had a mixed outcome with at least one of them.

I have worked with numerous hosts over the years, and I can’t say I’ve enjoyed the experiences in the main. That was, until I found SiteGround. It may be that if you haven’t experienced how awful some of the other hosts can be, you don’t realise how important finding a really good one is! Here are some of the reasons why I now recommend SiteGround when people ask me about hosting.

Founded in 2004, SiteGround has grown into one of the most well known hosting companies out there. With offices in 6 locations and data centres in USA, Europe, and Asia (you can choose the location you prefer during sign up) they are now trusted by more than 1 million domains.

They have super fast servers, highly optimised for speed and equipped with the latest hardware and custom software. This ensures your site is lightening fast and they rarely ever experience downtime. Given that research now suggests that a single second delay can cause a 7% decrease in conversions, up to 11% fewer page views, and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction there’s no doubt this is a key reason to consider a move over to SiteGround.

They use cPanel instead of old style ‘dashboards’. Some of the dashboards I have used with other site hosts would drive me crazy. Many are slow and downright horrible to navigate, and don’t even get me started on their bugs which take up so much time to work around! SiteGround uses Cpanel which gives you complete control over your website. Renowned for its increased stability and amazing features, it allows you to add or delete domain names, control the amount of memory you want, check bandwidth and statistics, track your visitors, manage your blog, create as many emails as you like, create and save files and sub domains, manage passwords and CGI scripts, install SSL certificates, backup your website, manage spam filters, install shopping carts and much more. CPanel gives you complete control over your website and is really user friendly.

SiteGround have excellent 24/7 service and support. If you have a problem and need help it’s so frustrating to find you are dealing with a service agent who knows even less about hosting than you do. With other hosts I used to dread facing a technical issue, knowing the chances were it would happen outside of the hosts office hours, and when their support lines were eventually open, I would be left on hold or calling endlessly in circles, with issues nobody on the help desk could help with or seemingly even understand. On one occasion I was even told ‘we know there’s a problem but we don’t really know why, or how long until it’ll be sorted out!’ This is not something I ever worry about with SiteGround, questions are quickly responded to using email, phone or live chat, and usually resolved in the very first reply. Their initial response time to an email is less than ten minutes, something unheard of with most other hosts. They have some of the best support in the industry, and are always on hand for advice. For users who prefer to fix things without person to person support, SiteGround also has a huge selection of knowledge based articles with screenshots, videos, tutorials, and guides to help you out.

They have hosting plans for every budget, whether you are a brand new business and only need a small start up website, right through to their ‘Go Geek’ plan with 30GB of web space and suitable for 100,000 visits a month. Once you’ve made a decision on the plan that’s best suited to you, moving your old website over couldn’t be easier, simply give SiteGround your old host info and they will magically and effortlessly transfer everything over for you!

You can set up a free SSL certificate on SiteGround in seconds. As mentioned earlier cPanel allows you to add free SSL certificates to sites you manage. We have all seen and heard about how important SSL is these days, indeed sites without SSL now automatically have warnings pop up on them when found via Google. SSL certificates serve as digital passports, while protecting your own site from spoofing, the padlock symbol also offers your customers peace of mind, allowing data to be transferred securely, protecting credit card details along with other sensitive information.

And if all of this still hasn’t convinced you, they also offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all plans!

We are an affiliate for SiteGround (we never recommend services or products we don’t use ourselves). So, this link is an affiliate link, we make commission if you purchase through it, you won’t pay extra.

They have a generous affiliate scheme,  if you do decide to sign up with them, I recommend joining it.

So if you are thinking about finding a new host, or are just starting out, save yourself a lot of time and hassle and just head to SiteGround, you won’t regret it!