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Why Us, Instead Of Someone Else?

Constantly feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew?

Let’s cut to the chase – business is tough, and if you’re flying solo, it’s even harder. If you’re turning yourself inside out regularly, wondering how the heck you’re going to get through your bottomless list, you’re definitely not alone.

Does any of this sound familiar…

Your friends have Insta worthy social lives and you can barely remember even speaking to a non-client?
A holiday rings a distant bell but you have no idea what a day off looks like, let alone a week?
Your food is thrown together faster than The Flash can run as you don’t have time to take a lunch break?

Oh wait! That all sounds amazingly similar to parenthood! It’s because it is! Which is where our magic happens.

I’m on a mission SO close to my heart as I know how it feels to feel limited by the restraints of parenthood and it doesn’t need to be that way! I’m not quite starting a revolution, but I’m here to help my team of talented parents and creatives build solid businesses, which, give them the freedom to create lives their families deserve.

Strength comes from confidence, connection, competence, and boy are we a strong team!

As a Specialpreneur client, you are appreciated WAY more than you know. You’re almost part of the family, and we treat you that way. Our clients stay with us for years, as there’s something very special about how we treat you.

Imagine having your own Superhero.

Someone who is independent, resilient, resourceful, and creative. Every single day.
Someone skilled, responsible, and trustworthy. Who appreciates you and your business.
Someone perfect for your specific needs. And is here to help.

Our team is full of handpicked heroes sourced via a rigid selection process. I only work with Specialpreneurs I’d happily hire myself, and the outsourcing arena is full of unreliable people, but my team… ? They’ve passed the hoop-jumping with flying colours!

Interviews, screening, the works.

If you’re looking for admin support, graphic design, superhuman strength, AND levitation mastery? I’ll put together a team of Specialpreneurs to divide and conquer that list for you.

You might not know it yet, but you’ve just stumbled across one of the worlds best-kept secrets – talent the corporate world has no access to.

They say when one door closes, another one opens. By happily closing the 9-5 corporate doors that their lives don’t slot into, our Superheroes have flung their doors wide open to people like you looking for reliable business solutions, with meaning.

The Specialpreneurs could have been anybody’s employees of the year, but they don’t get the chance to hire them. You do.

We’re not just putting our game face on to do a job you hire us for. Our game face is the only face we’ve got.

We all know that many people vote with their money now. We’re not willing to just back any old business anymore, we’re spending our money far more conscientiously. Want to make doing business a pleasure again?