How much money are you wasting by not outsourcing?

Nokia connects people, but they do so indiscriminately.

Not what we do.

Specialpreneurs Ltd. connects business owners with fantastic people who happen to be parents of special needs children.

It is undeniably our mission to help them find work that allows them to build the lives their families deserve.

Still, the only way we get to do that sustainably is if we make our clients very, very happy.

So we do.

And we do so in a multitude of ways:

You really do get a Superhero.

Our specialpreneurs lead lives that train them to be independent, resilient, resourceful, and creative. Every single day.

They’re not just putting their game face on to do a job you hire them for. Their game face is the only face they’ve got.

You get someone skilled, responsible, and trustworthy.

We only work with specialpreneurs we’d happily hire ourselves, and we’re real picky about our superheroes. Interviews, screening, the works.

You get someone perfect for your specific needs.

First off, we have enough choice to offer matching services. And if you’re looking for admin support, graphic design, superhuman strength, AND levitation mastery? We’ll put together a team of specialpreneurs to divide and conquer that list for you.

You get quality control at every turn.

Not only are we selective with our applicants, we also offer ongoing training, support, and an extra-high-touch onboarding period. Meaning, you’ll never be stuck with someone who has no idea what they’re doing.

You get to seize talent the corporate world has no access to.

The parents we work with are brilliant and talented, but their children’s needs often have a way of not working well with a 9-5 lifestyle.

Our specialpreneurs could have been anybody’s employees of the year, but they don’t get the chance to hire them. You do.

You get to be at the start of something new.

The way our world is currently structured, our specialpreneurs and their potential is vastly untapped. We are, however, on the brink of the next wave of the inclusivity revolution.

Getting in on it now will probably make for one of those stories your grandkids are going to love.

You get something to show off.

A new website, maybe. Some new exciting numbers, too, now that you’re outsourcing everything that is not smack dab in the middle of your zone of genius.

Oh, and a badge from us you can proudly show off on your site, of course! So that everybody knows what you and your company stand for. We want it to look good, so we’ll send it to you in one of your brand colours, you choose and just let us know.