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Now that we’re done with all the talk about new year’s goals or resolutions, “new year, new you,” and how everyone is going to make 2019 “their year,” let’s talk about what you really need in 2019.

The elephant in the room every January 1st is the fact that we all know at least 92% of those who make some type of resolution or goal for the new year, fail.

And we fail fast and big.

So grab 9 people and look around. What makes you think you’ll be the “lucky” one who actually steps into the life you want to live this year?

Because you’re tired of the path you’re on?

Tired of breaking promises to yourself?

Well guess what, so is everyone else.

Yet still, the failure rate for all the change everyone wants to make happen will still land right around 92%.

And honestly, almost a month in now, how are you doing on your plan to “crush it” in 2019?

You Want to Be the One Who Succeeds?

Here’s the thing. Whether you meet your goals this year, or not, has nothing to do with what those goals are.


Your chances of achieving a goal to make $10,000 a month are no better than if you’d set that goal at $100,000 a month, unless you know the secret.

Of course, the secret is really not a secret at all, it’s just a sexy term to get you to keep reading.

Because if I called it “the boring truth,” you’d be on to the next email, looking for some tricky little magic button that made achieving goals easy.

Someone asked me just last week if I could make a video laying out the right way to set goals.

She’d read all kinds of advice, from long term to short term goals, general to specific, and on and on.

And much to her initial dissatisfaction, I told her all of these ways were right, and all were wrong.

Because if you know the secret to goal achieving, you can use any method of goal setting and be successful.

And if you don’t know the secret, you’ll fail no matter how much you pay to learn how to set goals “the right way.”

So here it is, the big “secret” to achieving your goals: You must become the person who does what you’re seeking to do.

It’s not an outside job. You don’t go out and get a thing. It’s an inside job of becoming the person who gets the thing. (Whatever the “thing” is for you).

Why I Don’t Struggle With Goal Achieving

Let me give you an example.

I recently got my school district to pay for the education my son needs to meet his disability.

Everyone told me it would never happen. Moms who’d been through it, state-funded advocates who are trained to help you get what you need.

The $100 an hour professional advocate who advised me to just medicate my son and not waste my money suing the school district because I’d lose.

The $350 an hour lawyer who said I’d never win without some evidence that I didn’t have.

And yet we settled, and my son’s getting what he needs. Goal accomplished.

How’d I do it?

I spent 25 years as a criminal defense attorney becoming a person who fights for the underdog and wins when winning isn’t possible. It’s who I am.

So when I see a “lost cause,” I know I can set a goal and achieve it, because I’m the David who wins against Goliath.

How You Can Win Too

How do you become a person who wins? I’ll tell you in detail next time.

In the meantime, start to prepare yourself by (1) Identifying a person or two that you want to be like. Not in a crazy stalker sort of way, but someone who’s reached the goals you seek, and (2) making some notes about who you would be as a person if you reached your goals.

Where would you live? What would you do? What would you eat? Where would you shop? Who would you hang out with? Whatever comes to mind . . .

Of course, 8% of you — at most — will actually do this. But why not be the 8%?

Why not make this the year your life actually does make huge leaps in the direction you want to go?