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Have you ever clicked on a website and waited an age for it to download, then clicked off again?

Chances are, if you haven’t optimised images for your own site, you could be losing potential clients yourself. Whenever I build a site I make sure images are less than 200kb in size, the smaller the better.

I’ll talk you through the exact process I take, prior to uploading. If, like me, you find your images on one of the hundreds of stock sites, you’ll see that you have various options regarding size. I’m grabbing my image off of Pixabay.

If you need an image for a blog post, the first option (640×426) is fine. However, if you want an image to cover the full screen of your site, you’ll need to download a larger one, the 2736×1824, which is 1MB.

The first thing I do is resize it using Pixlr (you may not have Photoshop).

Click on the arrow.

Click on ‘LAUNCH WEB APP’ in the editor.

Open image from computer (the image will either be in your downloads or where you saved it).

Once opened you’ll then create a new image. I want this image to be 1920×1080. Click on File, new image.

Change the width and the height, then click ‘OK’. You should now see an empty, white image.

Next you’ll want to copy your original image into the blank one. Click on the original, then Edit – select all or CTRL + A

Once the entire image is selected, click on Edit – Copy or CTRL + C

Click on the white blank square and paste CTRL + V.

Now you’ll need to resize it. Click on edit – free transform or CTRL + T. You’ll see this frame appear around the image. Holding the shift key down, click and drag on one of the corners to resize it until it fits.

Click File – Save or CTRL + S. Change the quality from 80 to 40.

Now you’re going to run it through tinypng. This will compress your image further, without losing the quality. Either click inside the box to upload, or click and drag your image.

Here you can see that Panda compressed it by 19%.

That’s it! You’re now ready to upload your image. Of course all of these steps aren’t necessary if your image is smaller than 200kb, you could always try tinypng first. Remember to only upload as a jpg, not a png, unless it’s your logo.