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Creating and remembering passwords for each and every website you have a log-in for can get difficult to manage and even more so if you work online and need to share/access the same accounts as those working with you.

If you’ve ever had a game of “hunt for the password book”, you’ll know that storing passwords in a pocket-sized-floral-design-paper-book (a genuine set up in a recent office environment), is not the safest or most efficient way to keep on top of your business’s ever-growing, ever-changing, mountain of passwords and log ins… So unless you boast a memory with the capacity and security of a bank safe, you may be considering using a product to store that all-important sensitive information.

As remote working becomes more and more widespread, anyone using a Virtual Assistant will no doubt need to share copious amounts of personal information (for managing flights, conference websites, hotel bookings, planning a calendar/work schedule, accounting apps, basically almost anything they do).

One option could be Dashlane, which boast’s two laurels (how very Sundance) – “Google Play Best App” and the “App Store Editor’s Choice”, it offers Free, Premium and Business options and on first impression is slightly retro in its design (aka comes across a bit dated). But downloading the free software is quick and easy and it can identify websites with your saved passwords straightaway, which, granted, is a little unnerving (and highlights how important security over your passwords/device are), but it’s undoubtedly convenient. The downside of the free account (which also offers security monitoring and help generating strong passwords), is that you are limited to one device. Since we are a nation of second, even third screeners, this could be an issue for some. A Premium account costs US$3.33 per month and Business is just a smidge more at US$4.00 per month, so with an upgrade you could be covering all your devices.

Dashlane proves to be easy to use, with the browser extension running smoothly for logging in, offering to generate strong passwords for new websites and even recognising when a user has more than one log in for a site – popping up a menu to select which account to use.

But another option to explore in this world of password storage is LastPass, an appealing site which has more options (Free, Premium, Families, Teams and Enterprise) and is better at blowing its own trumpet (testimonials etc abound.).

Downloading LastPass, it impressively offered to store 3 Wi-Fi passwords identified. Nice touch. However it doesn’t locate any other passwords in the way that Dashlane did, but it has a “vault” which is laid out well and all your saved sites are invisible until you search for them. The pricing isn’t vastly different (monthly rates: Premium US$2.00, Families US$4.00, Teams US$2.42 per user and Enterprise US$4.00 per user), but looking at other opinions, the consensus is that LastPass offers enough features in its free option for individuals.

A team working jointly on a social media account, two people job-sharing…the scenarios are pretty much infinite, would find these password sites a must-have. The security, the ability to share (and create permissions at various levels) are a real asset to working life, especially to the Virtual Assistant, who needs all the log-ins and would love an auto-fill for details – for them LastPass or Dashlane will be a fantastic time-saver, but for the person hiring them, it’s a security measure too. Being able to grant permission and take it away, as well as regenerating passwords to be strong and secure at any time, will provide peace of mind if assistants change.

Both password storage sites could prove to be life-changing, if your personal password storage has been non-existent (perhaps shamefully reliant on regular password resets), then you really should sign up for LastPass (as it’s free option is great for personal use). For a business signing up for password storage feels like an absolute no-brainer and Dashlane could be the way to go.