How much money are you wasting by not outsourcing?

Are you ready to have all your email processed for you before your morning coffee?

Are you ready to never, and we do mean NEVER, touch Excel again? Or only ever play with Excel, if that’s your version of fun and productivity?

Are you ready for a real-life superhero, there for all your business’s needs?

Are you ready to make the world a better place without doing anything you weren’t going to do anyway?

These are all very real outcomes, which we can arrange in no time at all.

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Meet the Specialpreneurs!

Nicola Potzas

Nicola Potzas

Superpower: Determination. 

Beats the odds for breakfast. 

The doctors said her son would never eat orally, turned around and took him to a clinic in another country where he was eating within 9 days. 

On a mission to support parents in similar situations.

Andrea Short

Andrea Short

Superpowers: Kindness, singing, one-liners.

Loves working with intelligent, quick witted and supportive people so much, she can do it on 2 hours of sleep. 

Can name the artist and year of just about any disco/soul/jazz tune from the 70s and 80s.

On a mission to rid the world of junk food. 

Clare Monson

Clare Monson

Superpowers: Organisation & creativity.

Is a woman of her word, appreciates clear boundaries and loves the smell of horses.

Found herself single with a four week old baby, moved cities and started her own business.

Knows that detaching yourself from expectations of people and events is the key to happiness.

Andy Monson

Andy Monson

Superpower: Problem solving.

Built his own house with 100 bales of straw and 80 trees.

Always looking to learn new skills and expand as a person.

Believes you should keep your promises, be punctual and always be up for experiencing something new.

Jennifer Herndon

Jennifer Herndon

Superpower: Resilience.

Single mother to six children… AND runs a successful business.

On a mission to help as many people live the life they truly desire.

Believes that people are always way better than the worst thing they have ever done. 

Edda Vargas

Edda Vargas

Superpowers: Informed decisions, creative solutions.

Can and will organise anything, from your files to your parties. 

Avid researcher, homeschooler, and appreciator of smart people who know what they want. 

Woman of God. Mother of five. 

Carine Foster

Carine Foster

Superpower: Multi-tasking.

Likes to seize every moment.

Creative with work, keeping her hands and mind busy.

Not afraid to take chances.

Loves the smell of the ocean on a hot summers day.

Values integrity above all else.

Victoria Baynton-Williams

Victoria Baynton-Williams

Superpower: People skills.

Encourages pro-informed-choice by focusing on the positive side of having a child with Down’s syndrome.

Finds Debbie Harry mesmerising c. 1979, and loves the smell of cinnamon.

Believes there is so much joy in celebrating the ‘little things’, and that kindness goes a long way.

Shari Sant

Shari Sant

Superpower: Empathy.

Loves to work with people who are passionate about their business.

Avoids toxic people.

Enjoys her regular fry up every Friday!

Sarah Platt

Sarah Platt

Superpower: Logistics.

Collaboration rather than conflict, assertiveness rather than aggression.

Organised and efficient, and an advocate of everyone’s need for self-care.

Has a love for hot water bottles and racing against her friends in gliding competitions across the UK.

Gina Cox-Roberts

Gina Cox-Roberts

Superpower: Big picture thinking.

Created over 350 brands. She gets into people’s heads, finds the brand that deep down they know they are, pulls it out and creates it with them.

Exhibited her artwork across Europe and Australia.

Aside from branding she paints, sings in a rock choir and is a qualified tattooist.