How much money are you wasting by not outsourcing?

While we have your attention, why not go one step further?

After all, not every brilliant special needs parent in the world is a VA.

Some of them set up shop on their own.

So now we all get to give twice in a single Christmas present. Or simply have a good excuse to book that next trip.

Here is a curated selection of specialpreneur businesses we think you might love: 

As an empowerment coach I support mothers of children diagnosed with autism who are struggling with overwhelm and stress to find emotional balance in their life, by creating time for themselves.

The process

First, we’ll identify how you are feeling about yourself, child, and family; it’s important to know your emotional state.  I have an assessment that will take you through four areas of your life to see where you’re out of balance and help you move you towards a more balanced life.

Then, we’ll find out what’s triggering those emotions, where they’re coming from, and how they affect your life. I have a series of questions that help you identify and accept those emotions, so you are no longer controlled by them.

Next, I will help you find ways to get support and incorporate time for yourself. I’ll help you build a step-by-step program, give you tips, and suggest techniques to fit into your lifestyle that will help you to find time for yourself and what matters the most in your life.


Finally as a coach, I will keep you stay focused and motivated to implement the self-care program that we’ve designed together. I will support you every step of the way so you can create a life that flows with you and your family.

Magical Sunsets Travel is a full service travel agency that specializes in family, honeymoon, destination wedding, cruises, group and vacation package travel. They plan each trip as if they’re planning their own family’s travel. They have lots of tools at their fingertips to help you plan your dream vacation. So, let them help you find that perfect destination!

Crystals have certainly been heaven-sent for Laura. These amazing and beautiful stones have been instrumental in her life, helping her to enhance her son’s healing as well as her own.

Now she loves to intuitively choose and Reiki-infuse just the right stones for her clients, whether she uses them individually or in jewelry, and combine them with other modalities such as essential oils, teas, meditation rituals and more to create a complete holistic practice.

Take a look at her website and online shop.

They create original hands-on learning games and products for kids with special needs. They offer games for handling emotions, transitions, motor skills and sensory play.

Becky sells LipSense lipstick which lasts 4-18 hours. It is water, smudge and kiss proof.

After a healthy twin pregnancy, Charlene and Mark were shocked to be told that one of their boys had been born with half of his face undeveloped. In seconds, the happy family future they had been planning disintegrated into turmoil and uncertainty. Laugh out loud funny in places, heart-wrenchingly sad in others, and refreshingly honest at all times, Our Altered Life is Charlene’s wonderful account of how she struggled to forgive herself and bond with a baby she didn’t expect. Follow her transition through grief and anger, challenges and triumphs, loss and acceptance, to love for the life she has now with two children she wouldn’t change for the world.

Specializing in hard to fit and hurting feet. We fit narrow through wide widths, AFO’s, arch supports with an emphasis on special needs children and adults.