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Here’s what some of our fans feel about working with Specialpreneurs. You can read more reviews here.

G Sabini-Roberts

G Sabini-Roberts

Branding By G

Here’s the thing about Clare. She is one of those totally unflappable, highly competent people that just knows what needs to be done and does it. No fanfare, no fuss, just everything we need to be done, getting done, when promised. She’s like one of those magical, almost mythical beings that it’s impossible to fault. 

My social channels are now ordered and scheduled. They are growing, and I have a consistent presence in a way that I never did before because I am not a magical, mythical creature of competence. But now I don’t need to be. Because I have Clare.

Tanya Smith Lorenz

Tanya Smith Lorenz

If you need help with the tech side of business, I thoroughly recommend Specialpreneurs.

Nicola and Shari dealt with all the fiddly tech pieces of setting up an email list and autoresponder for my fiction business under my pen name, meaning that I could focus on writing.

They were prompt, efficient, and lovely to work with. I’ll definitely be using them for future work 🙂

Yasmin Vorajee

Yasmin Vorajee


I adore working with Nicola and the Specialpreneurs team.

My VA Clare is a godsend and working with Shari for the website upgrade was brilliant.

The team are so lovely, efficient and they make my life so much easier.

I would highly recommend them to any business owner who needs to create more time.

You can’t make more time so instead of trying to do the impossible, delegate to the Specialpreneur team! You’ll not regret it!

Yasmin Vorajee, Tiny Time Big Results.

Mark Simpson

Mark Simpson


I needed some help working on my Udemy courses that I was asked to put together.

I have had 3 x Udemy courses sat there for 3 years, and slowly they were bringing in passive income.

I decided to put some attention in, but I wanted to make sure it was done right.

I asked a question in a Facebook Group I’m part of and I spoke to Nicola.

She recommended Mandi from her team of legends and we got to work.


Quality and communication were insane.

Loom videos to show what was amended with full Google docs on the next steps.

We worked on one course, and after I saw the ROI I asked to work on another four.

Udemy will always be a passive income in the long run, but now I have 5 courses producing enrollments and extra funds coming in that I can allocate to other areas of my business.

A massive thank you to Nicola and more importantly Mandi.

I am now recommending her to more of my peers and also to my clients.

She does work on SEO and Keyword Research not just for Udemy but for YouTube videos and more.

Rohit Parmar-Mistry

Rohit Parmar-Mistry

Perfect Virtual

I hired Clare from Specialpreneurs to undertake Instagram research for me.

I provided an Instagram word cloud and asked her to find influencers who have between 1000 to 10000 followers, and who regularly post to these words. Their level of engagement with their community was important.

I also asked that Clare cut down text regarding social media trends, in order to make it more digestible.

Clare was efficient and a pleasure to work with, thanks so much!

Sarah Raanan

Sarah Raanan



If you want to build a website (from scratch or as part of a rebrand), Nicola is your gal.

If you want to feel confident that whatever your vision is, some can make it happen, call Nicola (Within reason. We didn’t manage to include the dancing llamas & flamingos on the opening page, and I’m ok with that.)

If you want to feel like you are in safe and competent hands, you need Nicola.

If you’re prone to changing your mind here & there and need someone to be patient and kind to you whilst you declare “just one more thing”, Nicola will be there for you (but lordy don’t drive her mad like i did!)

If you want a ‘can do’ kinda gal rather than a ‘what do you want from my life’ one, Nicola is the one for you.

If you want people to visit your website and feel compelled to write to you afterwards just to tell you how spectacular it is…guess what??

You need Nicola!!!

Thank you, Nicola.

Olly Rees

Olly Rees

I have been using Specialpreneur’s services for a couple of months now.

I needed to free up time I spend on certain tasks, so I could focus on growing my business.

I found the whole process really straightforward and easy, from the first meeting where I spoke with Nicola and Clare about the tasks I needed help with, right through to the actual work being done every 2 weeks as scheduled.

Contact has been clear and straightforward the whole way through the process and I have found someone I can rely on to speak with my clients, leaving me free to push my business forward.

I am really happy with the work Clare puts in, so much so I am planning to send more work her way! I highly recommend hiring a Specialpreneur!

Oliver Saxon

Oliver Saxon

Tyto Law

It is exceptional value, even if it would have been 2x the price!

I am thrilled with Clare, she is amazing!

Jason Allan Scott

Jason Allan Scott


I cannot believe I was able to exist without the 360-degrees services of this company and Shari, previously – they have completely transformed my life and all the stress of managing my online courses has evaporated!

Thank you thank you thank you! I tell everyone about these guys.

Laura Powner

Laura Powner


Nicola has finally given me a website to be proud of. She blew up what was an epic mess and created something that is more than me than I could ever have asked for.

The process was super easy and I was beyond excited with the finished result.

She is lovely, extremely patient and clearly talented.

I wish I had met Nicola years ago. As well as making the front end look fab, she did magical things in the back end to improve the functionality of the site.

Thank you for ending my website shame and giving me something to be proud of!

I’m absolutely delighted.

Simon Payne

Simon Payne

Punk Incorporated

What these guys are capable of is nothing short of amazing. I needed a new brand, website and all the trimmings and fast…and wow, did they deliver.

I spent a day working 121 with them, talking through ideas, colours, fonts, likes/dislikes and somehow they took what was floating around in my head and turned it into something fantastic…and it was FUN!

I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in recommending them. Keep being awesome!

Neil Davis

Neil Davis

Dependable Dog Training

I needed my first website and had no idea where to start. Specialpreneurs handled the lot! So supportive and I got exactly what I needed. Great service

Cheryl Jacobs

Cheryl Jacobs

Kids Party Characters

I hired specialpreneurs to write blog posts for me.

I am so happy with the quality of the posts that Jennifer wrote for me.

They receive much positive feedback from mommies thanking us for the info.

Highly recommend.

Claire Mackaness

Claire Mackaness

Beautiful Things

As a business whose core clientele is women with kids, stressed out Mums and people with slightly manic lives, when I was looking for a VA to give me some of my precious time with my kids back, the ethos behind specialpreneaurs really resonated with me. Not only am I giving someone a job, I’m helping a fellow Mum work her life around her business.

Nicola found me a VA who understood my needs, was quick to learn my systems and was always on hand when I needed her. We’ve been working together for four months now and I feel confident that my clients appointments and my accounting is in good hands, freeing me up to be Mum.