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As the business coaching industry continues to seemingly explode, there is more attention than ever on whether they provide true value. Is having a business coach really worth it?

Increasingly, business coaches are being employed not just by new business owners but also by established entrepreneurs, business managers and even celebrities. Not because things aren’t going well for them, but because pairing up with the right business coach can help you rediscover the zest for your work, can be a great way to re-evaluate your goals and make things EVEN BETTER!

Here we look at a few ways they can help and why.

Fresh Eyes – Having someone who is able to look at your day to day behaviour without the emotional attachment will enable you to evaluate struggles you didn’t know you had. A seemingly simple question from your coach such as ‘why do you do that?’ can open your eyes to things that have never crossed your mind before. We are creatures of habit and it is easy not to see obstacles that you have created for yourself.

Accountability – Working alone (as many entrepreneurs do) can blinker you somewhat, especially when well-meaning friends or family tell you what they think you want to hear! It is easy to not do the things you know full well you should be doing. So having someone there, to hold you accountable can stop procrastination, break bad habits and change up your routine which will allow you to see and overcome the roadblocks you have inadvertently put up.

New Energy – When you procrastinate for too long, your creative energy will eventually grind to a halt. Having a business coach can challenge the way you think critically about your business, and can help you move beyond ‘stuck feelings’ which you often won’t even realise you had until you find you have ‘un-stuck’ them! Bringing in the enthusiasm and fresh energy of an outside influence can help free up the flow and give a needed kick of energy back. This can be especially helpful when it comes to starting new (sometimes daunting) projects!

Mentorship – Without a doubt one of the hardest parts about being an entrepreneur, and having sole decision making responsibility for your business is the feeling of being alone. It can leave you feeling as if there is no clear path when you have nobody ‘above’ you in the work chain to tell you that you are doing great! Having the support of a business coach can give you a much needed boost of clarity and confidence as you strive forward. Even the most experienced and confident entrepreneurs need a cheerleader!

With all of these benefits said, it is important that you find someone who ‘gets you’ and understands your business. Remember, you aren’t looking for a friend, or someone to give you technical knowledge on the best platform you should use for your new spangly website, business coaches are there to help you stride forward and be the best you can be. It is also important to remember that it is hard to quantify the value of a business coach, this value is likely to be different for all people. Think about the result you want to achieve from coaching, it might be a matter of sitting down once a week and answering difficult questions about your business and the direction you want to head in, it isn’t necessarily always about getting more revenue, you may well be fully stretched already in terms of the work you can take on, but having the right coach will enable you to untangle processes that are slowing you down and making life harder, while offering solutions and strategies that you might not have previously considered, so that you can find the right balance between work and life again.

Have you used a business coach? We would love to hear your experiences and how they have helped you!