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One of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs struggle to grow their business is because they try to wear so many hats, also known as ‘Superhero Syndrome’. Trying to do everything for yourself is admirable, but it sets you up for a dangerous downward spiral. Most people have heard of virtual assistants and know they can support business owners with various tasks such as designing websites, writing blog posts, managing emails and calendars and writing up transcripts…maybe you’ve got this covered already or don’t feel ready to let go of those areas of your business just yet!

But, if you think the above is what virtual assistants are limited to, think again. This isn’t where the role of a virtual assistant ends, there are many different types of virtual assistants available nowadays, and at Specialpreneurs we can do much more to help than you may expect.

Virtual assistants are well-equipped to handle a whole variety of tasks, including the more complex ones.

Here we check out 7 things you didn’t know a virtual assistant could do for you, boosting your overall productivity and giving you some time to get back to growing your business.

Event Planning

When it comes to planning your next event, a virtual assistant can be a lifesaver. Having a spare pair of hands, and someone who can keep in contact with you to help with any troubleshooting when you have so much going during this period of time can really help to take the pressure off.

  • Researching venues
  • Liaising with exhibitors and/or speakers
  • Sourcing branded merchandise
  • Obtaining quotes
  • Sending out announcements
  • Updating your website

Travel Reservations

Take the stress out of planning your trip by asking your virtual assistant to research and send you a top pick of flights, car rentals and hotels, then take your pick and ask your virtual assistant to make the reservations for you (with the added bonus of having someone there while you are away to take calls, deal with routine enquiries and handle messages for you too!)

Maintain Client Relationships

You appreciate your clients, but sometimes the extra contact to remind them of this can really make a difference to how that client feels about you. A virtual assistant can keep in contact with your clients periodically or on a routine basis to ensure they always feel remembered and valued.

Social Media Management

You don’t need telling that social media these days is a huge part of the necessary online presence that your business has. There are many companies who are solely dedicated to social media management, asking your virtual assistant to take over this side of your business is both cost effective and time saving.

  • Creating new social media accounts
  • Ensuring your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are posted on and kept regularly active
  • Replying to and moderating comments
  • Sharing your blog posts and updates to relevant pages and groups
  • Sourcing content
  • Creating and pinning images from blog posts for Pinterest

Word Processing

If you have handwritten notes that you need typing up you can use a mobile scanning app such as CamScanner to turn your hard copy notes into digital PDF files, which can then be emailed to your virtual assistant, to be typed up and returned to you in whichever format you like.

Human Resources

Looking for a someone to join your team? This can be a hugely time-consuming task, using an agency isn’t always the best (or most cost-effective way) to go. Your virtual assistant can take the headache out of the influx of information that needs to be managed during the process of hiring.

  • Posting the role online
  • Filtering applicants
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Responding to candidates


If you are not the best at keeping your books up to date, a virtual assistant can be a big help in keeping everything on track.

  • Following up on unpaid client invoices
  • Creating and sending new invoices
  • Entering receipts and expenses into accounting software
  • Processing all bills for payment

The more you work with a virtual assistant, the more likely you are to come up with a hefty list of tasks that you could use some help with. We think it is smart to leverage your time with talented workers on your team, rather than try and do everything yourself. Schedule an informal chat with us today to see how we can help you.