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As a graphic designer, my essential goal is to bring the clients vison to life. When designing logos, it’s my job to help my clients achieve clarity about their brand identity. There are a set of fundamental questions that I like to ask my clients that will draw out as much information as possible.

Aside from knowing the company name and its field of business, it is important to consider all the details that need to be known about the organization or company. Providing the client with a set of questions helps your logo designer gain a solid understanding of the creative brief.

Firstly, I always ask my clients if they have a preference for any particular colour pallets and why. Quite often the client may not have a specific set of brand colours in mind and so we work closely together to devise an appropriate colour scheme that communicates their brand effectively.

Secondly, it is important for me to ascertain if the client already has any specific elements that they would like to see incorporated into their logo or if they have any preferences in terms of typography, icons or characters.

Lastly, I ask my clients who their target audience is and their age group. These basic questions are included in a questionnaire that I provide my clients with when designing their logos.

Listed below are 7 questions your logo designer should be asking you.

Describe your company and the product or service you provide:

This could be your elevator pitch. Think along the lines of ‘if you had just 30 seconds to explain your product or service to a customer, what would you say’?

Who are your main competitors?

Look at your main competitor’s logos and brands and see how you can stand out from them. Consult with your designer to create a unique and distinctive logo that stands out from the crowd.

What makes you stand out from your main competitors?

Your logo designer should also know what makes your message, product, or service different from that of your competitors.

What message or emotions do you want your logo to portray?

How do you want your identity to look and “feel”:

(simple / corporate / friendly / minimalist / fun / luxury / modern / loud / playful / classic?)

Who is your target audience?

Your logo designer will need to understand who your target audience is and information regarding their age and demographics.

What is your preferred timeline/deadline for the project?

Design is a creative process and it takes time and patience. Answering these 7 questions enables your designer to formulate the science that, in turn, supports the art.