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Digital design is constantly changing. Each year there are various design trends that fade away to make way for others to burst onto the scene. 2018 is no exception and looks set to be all about contrast.

Here are 7 graphic design trends you need to know for the 2018 calendar year.

    1. Vibrant Colour Schemes The future is looking bright this year with a diverse array of colour. Watch out for vibrant palettes that pop in 2018. Taking inspiration from the 80s and 90s and injecting a Technicolor splash of colour will give your designs a fun and carefree feel. Gone are the days of ‘web safe’ colours and pastel hues, freeing designers to combine a highly saturated spectrum that will attract customers and allow your brand to stand out.


  1.  Gradients and Colour Transitions As well as eye catching colour schemes, the gradient trend has been making a comeback for a while now and is more experimental this time, using textures and backgrounds to produce multi-colour transitions rather than a monotone transition. Colour transitions have been growing in popularity and designers are experimenting with overlaying different gradients and textures that provide contrast and depth.
  2. Design ElementsFor some time now, the use of patterns, lines, and circles have been popular in graphic design. We will continue to see patterns and geometric shapes, incorporated into designs in 2018. Designs that will stand out the most will be ones that are combined with other popular elements to create something that is unique. Low poly designs will give your piece of work a more 3D feel. When combined with bright colours, hand drawn shapes, and duotones, your designs will really stand out and give a much more modern look to your graphics.
  3. Use of Typography Typography is an element that has always been important in graphic design. Choosing the right font, font size, font bold, and font spacing is key. This year, expect to see bigger and bolder fonts. Restrictive type is now a thing of the past, broken fonts, contrasting sizes and interesting movement are making up the typography elements of 2018.
  4. Split Page Design2018 is all about having designs that stand out and the design layout is no different. We can look forward to seeing more split screen layouts with contrasting colours that include both super bold colours and typography with subtler pairings. A common split content layout is having half the page as an image, while half the page is text. This works equally well for online design as well as digital print.
  5. Double Exposure and DuotoneDouble exposure has been made popular in album covers and movie posters for several years now. We will definitely be seeing a rise of double exposure designs that will amaze the viewer and offer an ethereal vibe and modern to any design. Another trend we will be seeing is a hybrid from Double Exposure and Duotone, and is achieved by doubling the image or using two different overlapping images in monochrome colours.
  6.  Vintage and Retro DesignsFlourishes and filigree’s and all things vintage will be popular this year. Expect to see it in the food and drink industry more than any other, as well as health and beauty. Logos with a vintage feel work well for artisans or natural and organic products and it has that handcrafted feeling about it. Brands that are looking for a classic design such as vintage can provide an air of distinction and sophistication.