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Even though the term “Virtual Assistant” (or VA) has been around for a long time now, and is common lingo in the online marketing space, several misconceptions persist about what exactly a VA can do for you.

Virtual assistants started out in much the same role your in-real-life assistant would have. They handled your correspondence, ran interference between those demanding your time that was better spent elsewhere, and kept your calendar in order — making sure you got to where you needed to be when you needed to be there.

In short, many people equate virtual assistants with secretaries, who have traditional duties like making the coffee, greeting customers in the office, and managing the file cabinet.

Since we don’t need any of those things in the online world, it can be hard to wrap your head around exactly how a virtual assistant can make your business easier and more profitable.

Happily, virtual assistance has gone way beyond handling administrative-like functions, and here at Specialpreneurs, we like to think of ourselves as your one-stop outsourcing agency rather than just a group of traditional virtual assistants.

Today we’re going to look at five of our amazing services that your Specialpreneur can provide at rates that are less than half what you’d expect to pay for the quality and level of expertise you get.

Inbox Magic

Imagine turning on your computer in the morning and seeing only emails you want and need to see. The rest having been expertly dealt with by magic fairies.

Imagine having your income appear in your bank account without you having to create invoices or chase down past due payments. As if your clients just knew what they owed you and where to send the payments.

How much more time would that give you to build your business and deliver your products and services?

At Specialpreneurs, we didn’t take a 10 hour course and call ourselves certified virtual assistants. We all have real world experience either in the corporate world, running our own business and/or navigating the complex waters of school systems and even legal systems to get our kids what they need.

You can trust us with all the behind-the-scenes essentials that keep your business in business. And you can trust that we’ll represent you and your brand in a professional and friendly manner at all times.

All Things Social Media

Yes, we all love social media. But let’s be real, it has a way of turning your lifestyle business into more like an 80-hour-a-week job.

At Specialpreneurs we can handle as much, or as little, of your social media as you want.

You’ve got the content, just want us to format appropriately for each platform and distribute it? Done.

Looking for some help in managing reactions and comments on your content? We’ve got your back.

Or maybe you need the whole shebang — content creation, distribution, management, and growth. We’re here for you.

And what’s different about Specialpreneurs compared to all the social media management companies out there? In addition to affordability and flexibility, we recognize the importance of you maintaining your own voice and personality on your social media site and know how to make sure that happens.

You’ll never see the same stock images with lame quotes everyone else is posting when we’re part of your team.

Words that Connect and Sell

If you want the 500 word re-spun article for $5, we’re not your people.

But, if you need quality content for your blog, website, newsletter, or social media sites that helps your prospective clients connect with you and want to do business with you, our experts stand ready.

Fancy doing your own writing, but feel like you aren’t good enough? That works too. We’ll happily proof and edit your drafts and get them ready to go to work for you.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more important to your business than your words. It’s how 99% of your prospective clients will first “meet” you and come to know, like, and trust you.

When you bring a Specialpreneur on board to put the right words in the right order, you’ll get professional copywriter quality at a fraction of the price.

Branding the Real You

If you don’t stand out, you’re going to fade away.

The trouble is, branding isn’t intuitive for most of us, even the most creative of entrepreneurs.

You probably have an idea of who your business is that’s floating around in your head, but putting it down on paper in terms of colors, designs, words, is something that’s likely been floating around in your head for years, without you ever having “nailed it.”

Our branding expert’s superpower is being able to get inside your head and pull out the real you. Then she’ll get it all down on paper, more awesome than you ever imagined it could look and feel.

And as if it could get any better, she’ll do it all in a day.

That’s right, no months of back and forth with, “Do you like this or that,” emails in your daily inbox. You spend a day together, and you get it done.

Instant Website

Speaking of speed, we’ll do your website in a day too!

Like your branding, your website will be a unique representation of the real you. (And yes, you can combine our branding and website services and do it all in a day!).

And, you’ll get step-by-step video instructions on how to make changes to your site when you need. No waiting for days and spending more money to keep your site up to date as your business evolves.

At Specialpreneurs we know business. And most of us have made the mistakes of procrastinating our way out of making money and moving forward in our businesses, or watched the sad effects of seeing others go this way.

We’re all about making you money, which means getting that website live rather than setting your project up in our project management software and debating the details for months.

Getting Started

Whether you see exactly what you need here, or aren’t quite sure what makes sense for your business right now, set up a chat with head Specialpreneur Nicola and she’ll help figure out what’s most cost-effective and productive for where your business is at.

P.S. Remember, as our name indicates, we really are “special.” Don’t expect to comparison shop us with other VA agencies. Specialpreneurs are parents of special needs kids whose skills and talents make us in-demand in the corporate and professional world.

Because we’re dedicated to meeting our kids needs, we’ve chosen to work from home, but we still give the same level of service you’d get if we had fancy offices with heavy glass doors and fake plants in the lobby.

Hit Nicola up for a chat and let’s get your business to the next level.