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Wondering If You Need A VA?

Let’s Just Ask…

When Was Your Last Day Off?

If your business has turned into a villainous time thief, let’s get a superhero onto the case! 

Outsourcing regular tasks to competent people is SUCH a clever move. Want to know why?

Every day you spend working IN your business, is a day you’re not working ON your business. We all know business never pans out as planned. Not just for you – for everyone. Days get derailed, weeks get sabotaged, plans get put on hold. Besides the fact that you’re probably exhausted, all of that equates to money. You’re not supposed to do it all!

Hate it?  Delegate it.

Adore it?  Do more of it.

Want to Grow?  To the admin say no.

You can’t focus on what you do best when you’re wearing ALL of the hats!

Whether it’s Branding or Virtual Assistance, In Box Zero or Tech skills you’re looking for, let us help you take back control of your business with one of our Specialpreneur superheroes.


We understand

That you are doing it all,
but you shouldn’t be.
That you are overwhelmed and can’t keep on top of your revenue generating tasks, never mind your admin.

You can trust us

We know what we are doing because we are all business owners ourselves.
Clients keep coming back to us and referrals are common.
We value integrity, above all.

We are a team

We all have our strengths and different skill sets. Whatever you need to outsource, to support you and your business, you will find it here. Whether it’s ongoing or one-off tasks.

What do you need to outsource today?

What do you need to outsource today?


Virtual Assistance

Administrative tasks can be a huge time suck, and are something you really shouldn’t be doing yourself.

We can take them on, and if you’re unsure what you should delegate, we’ll help you figure that out.

Web Design

We work in WordPress only, because we believe you should start as you mean to continue.

All sites are fully responsive and include your lead magnet set up. We build membership sites too.

Social Media

We do everything from setting up your profiles and posting on your behalf, to engagement.

We specialise in account management for all major social platforms as well as keywords, SEO & strategy.



Content Creation

Google loves fresh content, we can write your blog posts for you.

We can also write your email sequences and newsletters, tailored to your target market and potential clients. We write content for social too.


We can offer you a brand clarity session, as well as a full brand toolkit.

Your brand is more important than ever. So, we’ll provide all associated graphics, logo, social media branding as well as all other templates, as needed.


You either love tech or you don’t. It can take an age to figure stuff out.

Well, we love it! We’re good at it, and can take care of everything from your email marketing set up to calendar integrations.

Specialpreneurs – The Birth Of A Mission

The business world has SO many rules, but many of us don’t fit that mould.

Whether you’re a maverick who can’t help but challenge the status quo, or your circumstances don’t fit the convention of 9-5, it shouldn’t mean you’re not fully embraced in all of your glory.

Many of our team like myself, have children who have additional needs – we’ve had to find our own way to make success work and that’s not an easy place to start.

My mission is to hold that space for the silent heroes who keep on going, regardless.

A place for the fierce ones who refuse to let a fire in their belly go out. A beacon for the bright ones who know their light won’t be dimmed. Those who still believe, when others would have crumbled.

Many of our team have faced some of the most demanding and challenging roles life can throw at us – we’ve had our mettle well and truly tested! 

Our challenges make us stronger - resilience on tap.

Our foibles makes us think differently - solutions outside of the box.

Our character makes us rise to the challenge - an asset in your arsenal.

If you’re looking for cookie cutter and characterless, you won’t find it here. If you want to be part of something which makes a difference, join our mission.

Nicola Potzas – Founder of Specialpreneurs

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